The Rookery
The Monadnock Block (north half)
Chicago Cultural Center
Daley Center
The Federal Center
Iwan Ries Co.
Washington Block and the El II, Chicago
The Lake-Franklin Group
Washington Block and the El, Chicago
Hollywood, 1937
Coral Casino, Santa Barbara, California, 1961
Chicago, 1900 (Louis Sullivan)
Chicago, 1927
Ludington Court, Santa Barbara Museum of Art 1965
London, 2002
Guell Palace, Barcelona 1920
Havana, 1933
Deity, Ankor Vat
Emperor and Deities, Ankor Vat
Imperial Court, Han Dynasty
Case Study I, Palm Springs, California
Frank Lloyd Wright I
Frank Lloyd Wright II
Case Study II, Palm Springs
Case Study IV, Palm Springs, California
Frank Lloyd Wright III
Frank Lloyd Wright IV
Frank Lloyd Wright V

London, 2002

London, 2002 (2003)
Mixed Media - 40” x 52”

London, 2002 by Augustus V. M. Higginson
London, 2002